Customers at the core of what we do

Introducing the team

Justine Mundin

Production Supervisor

Justine is our production supervisor and has been with the IWC all her working life, so has great industry experience and great knowledge, always ensuring the best quality product is presented to our customers. An expert cutter, she can out cut any of the younger team with a blindfold on and one hand behind her back. Justine is the heart of IWC. 

Ellie-May Mundin

Ellie-May is from the next generation of Mundin’s working with IWC and is Justine’s granddaughter. Ellie-May is also IWC’s Fire Warden and First Aider so has multiple responsibilities within the company. Ellie-May has been with us for a small time compared with Justine but is learning quickly and hopefully will be able to catch up with her Nanna’s production numbers very soon!  

Simon Jobin

Warehouse Supervisor

Simon has been with IWC for over 20 years after a career change back in the 90s, so another IWC ‘veteran’. Simon manages the warehouse and prepares all our customer orders. As we are a small team Simon can be found on the forklift, and then packing wipers with the cutting team. Simon is always glad to welcome customers and suppliers alike to the IWC works.

Sharon Redhead

Office Manager

Sharon is a recent recruit to IWC. She comes with significant and varied experience in the clothing industry both is sales, supplier management, product design, and business management. Sharon manages the order to delivery process and most things in between for IWC and is the first point of contact for all our customers.  Sharon is a keen Foxes fan.

Kay Walters

Business Process Manager

Kay Walters has always been close to the company being part of the family and also the company secretary for many years. Kay’s responsibility is to manage all our business processes, facilities, accounts, and records. She also pays our bills, so it is very important for all our suppliers to keep her sweet! 

David Burns

Managing Director

David joined IWC in 2020 and is part of the Walters extended family. David’s key accountability is ensuring the whole IWC operation is working positively for the customer, and the whole team offer the best possible products and services in the industry.

David provides the Consultancy Service and is always available to help with product and business advice. If you want to book some time or just talk, please get in touch using the details below.