Professional Wiping Solutions

Industrial Wiper Company provide products, advice, and partnership in the area of Wiping, Cleaning, and Polishing for all Industrial and Automotive sectors.

We work with end users and distributor partners to optimise performance and cost of all wiping, cleaning, and polishing needs.

We work in the traditional and the non woven products so can be a one stop shop for your wiping needs. 

Recycled Textile Wipers

Recycled Wipers come from two sources, used clothing, and new textile from the manufacturing process. These are ideal for polishing, cleaning, and absorbing.

Performance Non-Woven

If you need consistent size, shape, and performance, as well as zero lint, then the purpose produced Non-Wovens product range present the best solution. 


We can help optimise your wiping solutions as an end user, or build your business through category management as a distributer. Both through our free consultancy service.

Providing Wiping Solutions with Professional Service

With 50 years experience and expertise in wiper supply, as well as our own manufacturing and packaging capability, a wide range of products and services, IWC will provide the ideal solution for your business and wiping needs.

For distribution partners; we offer your own consultancy service to assist in building profits through advice on category management, and product range, using product knowledge, pricing, and packaging knowledge to optimise returns for all.

For end users; we advise on the right product for the right application to ensure the best balance between cost and performance.

We don’t have any minimum orders, and you can even pick up your products from our warehouse if in the Leicester area! We can provide own brand, non branded packaging, and can provide in packs, boxes, and punch hole cartons as you need them.

Our performance non-wovens are both in rolls and sheets so to suit every need.

And if we don’t have what you need, just ask and we will try to get it for you!!!


Get in touch to find out more

It’s our business to ensure you get the wiper solution that’s the best for your business, so if you can’t see what you need on this site, please get in touch and we will endeavour to respond quickly to your need.

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